Sunday, December 13, 2015

Why? What do you do at 10 PM?

This child has got his sleep schedule all messed up.  He fights naps like crazy and lately has been fighting it until the evening, when he crashes, impossible to rouse.
Then he wakes up at about 9:30 refreshed and ready to play.

Last night, he was playing with playdoh (after he had played with the Little People's Nativity, laid under the tree with his head on a red pillow to look up at the lights, and "read" himself about 30 books).  He was working quietly for a time, then brought his creations over to me.
"Look, Mom!  I made a rose!  Isn't it cute?"

Well, geesh.  
Can you imagine a two year old who knows that he did not just create a flower. 
The flower he created has a name, good golly.

Also, I think this whole exchange is the direct result of having four sisters.

His bedroom is in the basement and when his big brother is gone, he is too scared to stay down there.  That means he is in our bed, again.  Early this morning, he got out of bed and went around the house, turning on every light as he went.  Then he trooped upstairs to pester his sleeping sisters.  What are the chances that, with FOUR sisters, not one of them was awake to play?! After failing to rouse them (at 3 o'clock in the morning) he settled on playing with their toys.  The seven year old found him an hour later, sound asleep on her floor, surrounded by her toys.

Guess who slept in until 9:45?

And who is awake right now.
Dumping out his sister's coin jar.
It is 10:01 PM.

Ah, two.
Not terrible at all, but certainly keeps things hoppin'!

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