Monday, January 18, 2016

Pink, Pink, Pink!

I can't get enough of it.
I mean, I've always liked pink, but it has never been my favorite, first choice type of color.  The last couple of weeks, however, it has sucked me in.  
Is it because there is a girl swimming around inside of me?  Very possible!

We have had a thick blanket of snow for several weeks now which, don't get me wrong, I LOVE.
We needed water in our area and the snow is absolutely beautiful.

This is a shot from my bedroom window.
Sometimes while I am putting me a young one down for a nap
or am busy reading and think I hear someone drive up,
I'll hold my phone up the window above my head to snap a picture.
This is one such display captured by my laziness.
Give me a break.  I'm 39 and am carrying my 8th baby. I'm TIRED.

But, endless snow can be colorless!  I think that's the reason Valentine's colors are so bright and cheery.
I had plans to decorate my mantle in a "winter" theme for the month of January, but winter colors aren't filled with color--and I have been craving color.
Especially PINK.

And so, while I have gotten used to the fact that I can't go spend a million dollars on every holiday to make or buy the decor I have constructed and arranged in my head, I'm thrilled with what my pink "grandma candy" in a jar with candles, some thrift store deals, a deck of cards strung on a string, a birthday gift, and my "It's a girl!" carnations have done for our house. 

It'll cure what ails you!
Or me.
It did it for me.

That and a nap.

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