Monday, January 4, 2016

The Temple

Saturday was Camilla's first visit to the temple.
I was a cold, cold January morning.
0°F, with lots of snow.

I have been working hard on genealogy lately, though a lot of it is attaching sources such as a census, birth or death record, military or Native American ID cards, and cemetery records.  I'm a total newbie and I know I make mistakes, but I do enjoy it!

Camilla has been interested in my work as well.  She asks questions and wants to know more about these names who represent actual people.  It was wonderful to enter the temple with her, knowing that many of those relatives, some close, most distant, were invited to attend that day as well; their first time in the temple, too!

We didn't get a picture because it was so dang cold, but we had lots of family there.  Isaac and Eliza joined Camilla and their dad and I, my sister and several of her people and my parents were all able to participate in the session.

A direction-setting way to start the new year!

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