Friday, February 5, 2016

Mother of Girls

Dad went to hang out with his brothers.
Isaac flew back to Texas for another ballet gig.
It was Thursday evening and there was nothing on the calendar.
I explained the whole thing to my brood of daughters and proclaimed a
Girl's Night!
To which, the two year old BOY child exclaimed,
"I don't want a girl's night!  I wanna SWIM!"

Poor little boy, he will probably have to survive a few more girl's nights--
especially since he will have another sister soon.

We had macaroni and cheese because it was easy and quick and everyone loves it.  
We had fancy, made-up hors d'oeuvers. 
We put on our jammies and cuddled together on the couches while we watched a couple of chick flicks
and ate candy.
During the intermission, we treated each other to facials.

What a treat, to be a mother of girls.

Me with my girls.
June 2014

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