Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I love donuts.  They are one of my favorite treats, but I began noticing that my body hadn't been enjoying donuts as much as my taste buds!  The biggest problem was the major sugar crash where I would feel absolutely drained and a little shaky after eating them.  (I'm not diabetic.  We checked.)  I decided I needed to cut them from my life--at least my pregnant life.

As I gazed lovingly, longingly at the box of donuts at Walmart today, I realized it has been over one month since I've delighted in the deliciousness.  (Seems silly, to see it typed like that.  One month? That's a long time to not have donuts?! What a baby.)

I'm not going to lie; that picture looks awfully tempting.  I look at the donuts just about every time I'm in the grocery store.  But I don't buy them!!  Haven't for a month!

Don't clap too loudly, though.  I haven't given up all treats, just this one.  One step at a time, man.

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