Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Eve

I have been running a hundred miles per hour for the last few days.
Part of my busyness was self-induced, but most was circumstantial.
Holidays tend to be like that, which is fine, but I'm always ready for a long winter's nap when they are over!

Saturday saw me making breakfast, doing my basic housekeeping for the day, cutting hair, boiling five dozen eggs, keeping up on laundry,
and sewing.

I wasn't going to make Easter dresses this year.  My mom had picked up dresses for three of the girls at random sales recently.  They are pretty and spring-y, so I thought we'd just go with those.  As the day approached, however, I still needed to grab a dress for one of my daughters.  Shopping wasn't going smoothly.  She described what she wanted, we looked online for inspiration, and before you know it, THREE of the girls wanted what I had planned on making for just the one.
I was sewing the day before Easter.

But, you know what, I've done it this way for so many years, I'd hardly know how to handle Easter without frantic last-minute dress making!

After my sewing was complete, it was time to dye eggs.  You can see my little boy LOVED this project.  He dyed about a dozen eggs pale orange before we switched the cup closest to him.
He then started in on the blue eggs.

He kept going and going!  I thought five dozen eggs would have been plenty, but he was awfully mad when I informed him that there were no more eggs to color.

I'm sure it wasn't the healthiest solution, but I soaked his hands in a bowl of diluted bleach because he'd so thoroughly dyed them along with the eggs!

The girls were much more careful.

In the evening, my three older girls and I went to the General Women's Broadcast of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Sometimes those meetings consist of lovely talks in which the leadership of the church tells us we're doing great, keep on, stay the course, etc.  
(I get impatient with that message because I like direction and challenge and doctrinally rich directives.)
This was not the case last night.
The case was made pretty clear that though the women of the church are doing good, we are not doing enough good.  I actually feel like I need to watch it again to get all that we were challenged to do.

One thing I did catch was a phrase that has struck me before.
I want my epitaph to say,
That Christ would say of me,
"She hath done what she could."
--Mark 14:8

We ran to the mall where I found ties for my boys to go with our navy, white and blush Easter outfits.
Found coordinating, but not matching, ties on clearance!  Yes!

Off to dinner with some of the women from church, a last minute stop at Walmart, a pre-Sabbath gas tank fill-up, then home, where I wanted to collapse.  Alas, I could not. 

I got all pinteresty and made these cute edible Easter baskets.  Justin was ready to go to bed, but I made him get up and help me.  I had to solve puzzles (which person gets which candies based on both favorites and disliked candies) and my brain was done for the day.

Isaac's old studio in Pocatello hired him to dance in their spring show.  He is going down this week to learn the choreography, then will go back in May the week before the show.  Isaac's friend, Riley, and Eliza decided to go with him for a last minute Spring Break road trip.  They needed to leave as soon as possible on Sunday, so I had to have dinner ready when we walked in from church.  I prepped as much as my old, maternal body would allow, then fell into bed, exhausted.

Easter was promising to be another busy, busy day!

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  1. Phew- you're amazing. I've stopped trying to remember who likes what candies- I tell them that it's meant to be for bargaining and trading. :) Even Santa gets it wrong and they spend a happy Christmas morning bartering goodies.