Monday, March 28, 2016


Five and a half hours after my head hit the pillow, it was time to get up.  I didn't really need to get up, but certain functions every body requires demanded that I get up.  I tried to fall back to sleep, but my mind started whirring and that was that.

After taking care of my own personal hygiene (when did that become a luxury?!), I launched into my super-mom mode.  Green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes, and ham in the oven on a low temp so they could cook all through church.  Asparagus snapped and rinsed, ready to be cooked as soon as we got home.  Lay out clothes for the toddler, fix hair, watch kids excitedly discover their Easter goodies ("No chocolate before church!!") and otherwise command this carefully run ship.  Justin snapped some pictures of the kids, but there was some drama, possibly caused by me, but I am actually uncertain.  I for sure find myself at the middle of a maelstrom with my eyes wide and my hands in surrender.  I'm pretty sure I will look like this periodically until all of my children are well into their twenties.

We rushed out the door and got to church at 8:50.  Phew.  Time to sit and breathe.

Wait, I volunteered to sing in Sacrament Meeting!  I was to sing The Lord's Prayer. It isn't a difficult song for me, but I hadn't warmed up at all; I really hadn't thought much about it until that moment.  I tried to push the nerves aside and enjoy the ordinance and first two speakers.

When it was my time to sing, I walked briskly to the stand, because that's how you learn to walk when you are the shortest member of your family.  When I got to the stand, I was a bit breathless.  The baby is getting big and she's pushing on my diaphragm.  I was singing a capella, so I didn't have a piano introduction to give me a minute to catch my breath.  I wasn't very happy with how I sang because the whole time I just wanted to stop, ask everyone to wait until I could breathe, then try again.  Alas, I did not.  Oh, well.  It did quiet the children in the congregation for a minute.

After the first meeting, I hurried to the car to get supplies.  I am serving in Young Women's organization.  During the whole month of March, we were teaching about the Atonement.  I kept thinking that I needed to teach the girls about the Passover/Last Supper.  Our leader loved the idea, but also wanted to make the little Easter eggs with a bit about Easter in each one (three dimes represents Christ being sold for 30 pieces of silver, a small nail reminding us of Christ being nailed to the cross, etc.).  We divided up the responsibility, but I did make and label 48 eggs for the event.  We handed those out to the girls, then put on the modified Passover.  I think the girls enjoyed it; I hope they learned something.

Clean up and rush home.  Finish meal prep, sit and try to not hurry through our dinner.

It was nice,

the food all turned out,

everyone was happy

and we enjoyed the holding still.

Until we had to rush again to get the big kids on their road trip.  It helps that I didn't have to do much.  They packed themselves, with only reminders from me!  Lectures were given.  (Actually, I said, "Lecture time.  What am I going to say?" and they accurately filled in the blanks.)  Prayers were said.  Hugs were offered all around. All were blowing kisses and waving at the door.

Then I took a nap.

A long nap.

Not on the couch,
but in my bed,
under the covers,
with the shades drawn
and the door closed.

We hid (and re-hid, and re-hid, ad nauseam) eggs in the evening, then watched the first half of Ben Hur.  I stayed up late enough to know the kids reached their destination and went to bed.

I made it. Barely.

I slept in this morning.

**Aren't you glad I'm writing, again?  So much lame information in one post.  I may as well have written blah, blah, blah.  Sorry!  I am out of practice.  

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  1. Don't stop writing! I love to read what you write. Our Easter eve was spent at a track meet & we were sorely unprepared for Sunday morning. Scott took one boy to church & I stayed home with another who couldn't get up for 12:30 church. (He was sick.) I bought candy but never stuffed the eggs... I do not know which of 20 boxes they are in. No fancy clothes or food but just gratitude for a special day. Your kids look nice.