Saturday, March 19, 2016

Feeling Uninspired

I've been writing this blog for nearly 8 years.  Recently, I've felt like I have nothing to say and that my blog has turned into a semi-boring scrapbook of random family events.  I haven't been excited to record anything because I either (a) have blogged about it before or (b) think no one wants to read what I have to write.

In talking this out with my daughter the other day, my author daughter, we recognized that consistency is sometimes the key to working through writer's block.  It may not be amazing stuff we're writing during that time, but simply practicing the skill will help dig us out of a funk.

So here I am.  I am writing.

Hail in my hair on a recent hike.

You don't want to hear my political rants.  (A socialist, a prick, a criminal and a Canadian are our top four presidential candidates?? What a circus!)

I'd get tired of reading about some other woman's pregnancy. (My mother-in-law, mother of nine, reassured me last night when she said that the anxiety and fear of delivery gets worse with each pregnancy.  I don't know why that reassured me, but maybe it reminded me that even though I've done this a lot and I clearly remember the pain of each one, I have survived them all!)

Other people do recipes, cleaning, and organization much better than I do. (I have taught each of my children to cook for themselves at a very young age because I don't want to be a slave to their stomachs.  I make the more complex dishes and prepare breakfast and dinner most days, but lunch?  Make a sandwich, eggs, canned soup, boxed noodles or something else that doesn't require me!  Recently, I've been fending off complaints that there aren't three squares a day, sitting on the table at a prescribed time.  Talk about getting my dander up!)

I have no projects to present.  (Building the house took it all out of me, followed by a difficult first trimester and being out of money.  This is a problem because our contractor didn't finish the house and there are a lot of projects of varying necessity just waiting for me to get my rear in gear. I'd rather sit here and be grumpy about it than get 'er done. L.A.Z.Y.)

My camera stinks.  (Without a picture to inspire me or THE picture I need to explain something, I get stuck.)

So, that's that.  I'm sorry I am lame, but I've made a commitment to be lame no more.  Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and I'm looking forward to a week of inspiration with my family.  I'm writing, no matter what, and I hope I will find something to say!


  1. I hope you do write more! I really enjoy your blog. I only read a handful of blogs nowadays and yours is one of them. Even if it's something you've written about before, or its something someone else does better, please keep sharing your experiences! You do have readers, we just don't always comment.

  2. Yay! You're back! I guessed it was *just* pregnancy fatigue, of which I'm sure there is plenty. But I think I'd read anything you wrote, even if it's political rants, pregnancy, etc. I just like the way you say things and how down-to-earth and salt-of-the-earth you are. I'm tickled anytime there is a "you might also like" picture I haven't clicked on before at the bottom of a post, so I can go read more.

  3. I love to read your blog! I still check it every week for updates because I look up to you, I learn from you and you inspire me to be a better person! I have missed reading it the last few months. I am glad you will be writing more!! I look forward to reading your posts. Have a great Easter week!

  4. Hi. :D It's me, Corine... (Remember I told you I "spied" on you via your blog! ;) LOL) I totally get your writing delima. I feel the same way. I WANT to blog (and do on occasion) but I TELL NO ONE so I'm not sure what the point is. ;o Reading your blog though, makes me think I should... I find it interesting; maybe others will find mine interesting (doubtful - LOL). If not, then at least I will have the beautiful family memories that you are making! ;) Keep it up, you're doing great! :D PS. Mind if I come join you here regularly or is this more for family? :) I'd love to get to know you better! I think we could be great friends! :D