Friday, March 4, 2016

I Fixed It!

Our family desktop computer is eight years old. That means you can find it under "dinosaur" in a geek dictionary.  But, it has worked for us, though limped along at times, and I've been able to keep it going.

Until last week.  Last week, it pulled a shenanigan that I couldn't repair.  I tried everything I know.  I searched tutorials and did everything they recommended.

Still nothing.

In expressing frustration to my 17 year old son, who tend to be smug when he can do something his mother cannot, responded,  "I'll fix it when I get home." (He is in Russia right now.)

Oh, heck no!  I will fix it before you return!
There will be no condescending, "It was just __________, Mom."

Guess what.  I fixed it!  I have to admit, I feel like this:

And a bit smug myself.

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