Friday, March 25, 2016

Passover 2016

We celebrated Passover last night.  That is to say, we celebrated the Last Supper, which was a Passover meal, from a Christian perspective.  We don't do it all exactly like Jews and we certainly are not kosher in our preparations.  For us, though, that is not the purpose of the meal.  Our purpose is to find symbols and types of Christ in this important event and to understand the history behind Christ's last meal.

I only snapped this one picture, right before we started because I always forget to take pictures.  

We invited my parents, since this tradition was started by my mother when I was younger.  You know, every once in a while, I am reminded of what an incredible gift it was to be raised in their home!  They were active participants in our spiritual growth (still are, really).  While, of course, I am always learning new things, my parents did such an excellent job of providing an environment where a sure foundation could be built.  Anyway, Dad couldn't come (4th grade recorder concert, bless his long suffering heart, and he's the music teacher), but Mom represented.

Instead of me teaching the whole lesson this time, I put some of the burden on the others at the table.  As I briefly explained each part of the Seder Plate and elements of the Passover story and traditional meal, I asked the children to explain how each pointed to Christ.  You guys, I was amazed by my people.  After so many years of teaching, cleaning up spilled grape juice, fielding complaints about the "yucky" Greek olives or goat cheese, and dealing with endless young-child interruptions, we are here; we are in a place where my children are understanding and explaining doctrine.  My heart soured as they explained how Christ frees us from the bondage of sin, addiction, sorrow, bitterness and even death itself.  They uncovered divine meaning in phrases like I will bring you out and I will take you as my people.  They found understanding in symbols that can enrich testimony and faith when understood and given "good soil."

I know my time with them is precious.  My oldest is practically gone, dancing all over the world now and serving a mission in less than a year, and because they came quickly, they will leave quickly.  Mothering is difficult and there are days when I just don't know what the heck I am doing, but it is my favorite and my best.  I am thankful that there is another coming, so I don't have to move on to the next phase of life just yet.

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