Thursday, April 14, 2016

Count Down

This picture was taken moments after I got the child ready to go.
Moments before we had to leave.
Moments after his first bath.
Moments before his second.
Oh, the mud!
And let's make sure the window well is well watered!

Moving on.

I had a dream last night.  I dreamed my baby girl arrived.
The only thing I could think about was that I didn't have the newborn clothes washed, sorted and put away. 
(I don't even have a location for the newborn clothes!)
I didn't know where the receiving blankets were.
I hadn't bought her a package of fresh onesies 
or an unused outfit that would be all hers for coming home.
I haven't a single, impossibly small diaper in my possession.
Honestly, Emily.  
Remember how many months in advance you had those things for the first child?  
Get your act together, lady!

Guess what I am doing today:

Can you see why I've put this job off until my subconscious pressured me into action?

Several steps closer to ready.

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