Monday, April 11, 2016

Great-Grandma Georgia's Corner Cabinet

This is my great-grandmother's corner cabinet.
My mom had it for years, but when she remodeled her kitchen, there wasn't space for it.  I took it and have loved it for the last dozen years or so.
In our house in Pocatello, I painted it cream, with a cherry red interior.
It complimented my blue and white china beautifully!
I looked everywhere for a before picture.  I know I have one somewhere, but I cannot find it!

After we moved into our new house, since our walls are a cream color, I felt like the cabinet was camouflaged.  I determined to strip the paint all off to enjoy the warm contrast of the wood.

Stripping wood isn't the easiest job, but I worked and worked at it, hoping to reveal beautiful wood.
What I discovered was that there was a good reason I painted it in the first place.  The wood wasn't beautiful.  I was discouraged, so I put the doors back on and stuck it in the corner where it was abandoned for months.

Looking at it one day, I decided what I wanted to do.
Green and gray, with pewter and some of my old blue glass.

When I was 13, I decided on Delft Blue dishes and have loved it all these years.
After moving into our house, though, the blue and white seemed out of place.  Too clean or something.
Our scheme here is more woodland cottage than English cottage, if you know what I mean.
I've kept my very favorite pieces, but they are put away for now.  I'm sure I'll come back to them at some point!  Now, though, I'm filling Grandma's corner cabinet with pewter and the blue depression glass we've inherited from Justin's grandparents.

The green glass candlestick holders were my Great-Grandma Chinn's, another example of the many family treasures in our house.  I wonder if the grandmas are pleased to see their precious things loved for generations, reminding their progeny of them.  I wonder if they care.

The pewter will be collected over time.  I see it all the time in antique stores and because the old stuff is filled with lead and you really can't use it (though replicated pewter is made without the lead and is fine for use in cooking and serving food), it is often very affordable.
I'm picky, though.  I don't just want to spot pewter and buy it to fill up my cabinet.  
I want it to be pieces that really catch my eye.
It won't bother me if it takes years to fill in all the blank places, if each blank place is filled with something I love.

I need to find some new hardware, but besides that, the corner cabinet is done.
It sure is nice to check something off my list!

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