Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Productive Day

Do you ever have a day that just works?  Today was such a day for me.  There was nothing grand or even memorable about the day, it just went as directed.  I started the morning with a mighty list and successfully completed most of it.  The children didn't fight (some were a little spazzy, but I can endure that better than the fighting), the April weather was a perfect 66° with beautiful partly cloudy skies, dinner was delicious, and our Family Home Evening was informative.

I mean, there was stuff, certainly.  The three year old was dressed and undressed repeatedly--with some mud mixed in here and there, the delicious dinner was a bit late in getting on the table, my brain melted as I stared at a spreadsheet with too many numbers for too long a time, and I thought my 15 year old daughter was kidnapped for about 10 seconds (it is time to have this baby . . . my emotional "creativity" gets out of hand when I'm pregnant!).

We rearranged some sleeping arrangements in hopes that the little boy would move out of our bed before the baby comes.  Despite his awake excitement and cooperation, as soon as exhaustion set in, he was snuggled in my arms and asleep in a matter of moments.  This is going to become an issue soon, but boy do I love it now.

Some days I'm putting out fires the whole day, or I'm impatient for no obvious reason, or the children bicker or disobey all the live long day.  Some days I turn in early because my mothering success rate was abysmal and I need a reset.  Some days don't work.

But, today was a perfectly normal day and it is satisfying to recognize that I have those.

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  1. My emotions get the best of me when I am pregnant too. Once I cried because an unpopped popcorn kernel "didn't reach its potential." My husband had to try really hard not laugh when he was comforting me.