Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Stroll

It was a beautiful, warm spring day.
We decided to go wander around a local waterfall.

Isaac's friend, Riley, was at our house (even though he is in Louisiana!) and she came along with us.
She is a sweet girl and the kids LOVE her.

I caught a glimpse of my shadow.
Only about a month to go until this baby makes her debut!

Our little guy just turned three and I swear, he became three overnight. Most people are pretty much the same the day before and the day after the birthday.
He changed with no notice!  One day a toddler, the next, a boy, running, playing putting sticks and rocks and whatever other cool thing he found on our wander.

The wildflowers were a big part of the draw for me.  I know that April is their time of glory at this particular spot and it did not disappoint.

Yellows, purples, whites and fresh, bright greens everywhere.
Food for the soul, I tell you!!

So, here's a funny story:
At one point, my little one and I had lagged behind the rest.  Everyone had crossed the stream and were up the hill a bit.  I stopped on the bridge and snapped a picture of my toes--I thought it was funny how my baby belly took up much of my downward frame.
In the car, I uploaded this picture to Instagram . . .

only to see that Riley had simultaneously uploaded this one:

Neither of us knew the other had taken virtually the same picture, in the same location!
Both of us took plenty of other pictures, too, but we both chose to post these identical shots!
Twinning is winning!

There are cooler days in the forecast and we've learned to take advantage of her beauty, when Mother Nature offers us gorgeous days like this!

Wildflowers are gone before you know it!
Carpe Diem!

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