Thursday, May 5, 2016

Baby Heaven

Please pardon me, if I don't answer the door . . .
or the phone . . .
or the text . . .
or the Facebook message . . .
or the email.
We are soaking up our newborn time
and I'm avoiding reality.

Camilla, 12, with her new sister.

Our seven year old authority.
"Guys. I've been taking care of babies for
three years!"
To her credit, she does have a natural skill.

Daddy is happy to change diapers because, in his words,
"that is when she is most alert and we can have a little chat."

The first-time big brother cannot get enough of his baby.
He is amazingly sweet and tender with her.

She is so beloved, in fact, that we have to set the timer to make sure everyone gets equal cuddle time.

Having a girl visit.  My oldest and youngest girl.
The new one resembles the Eliza most to me, in both looks and temperament.

Hook, line, and sinker.
Without exception.


  1. Beautiful pictures!!!! I'm so excited for your family to have this new spirit. There's nothing better! Thanks for sharing with all of us far away. ❤️

  2. Thank you for posting pictures! You are one lucky mama. My days of having babies are over and I miss them.