Friday, May 27, 2016

Field Trip Summer: Stone Rose Fossil Dig

We are doing everything we can to make a fall trip back east possible.  One thing that that means is no expensive things this summer. We will do a couple of one night camp outs, but no trips, only free (reading rewards) tickets to an amusement park, no sports/drama/music camps, and no concert tickets.  How to still make sure summer is fun?

Ingredient #1:  Field trips.

The Stone Rose Fossil that made the site famous.
We have a field trip planned for just about every week during the summer months.  Our first was yesterday to the Stone Rose Fossil site. The site is the location of an ancient lake bed and has tons of the kinds of fossils you'd imagine would be at the bottom of a lake.  We were instructed to bring chisels, hammers, screwdrivers, or paint scrapers to crack open rocks. Lots of found fossils were promised; we were not let down.  They even gave us the school rate, as a home school, which doesn't happen all the time.  $2 per head.

All of us enjoyed the trip.  It was exciting and kind of like a treasure hunt to crack open dozens of rocks, finding nothing, then to crack one open to find something cool!

You can see the giant litter of rocks we walked into.  At first glance, you'd think all the fossils had been found.  But sit down and begin chiseling away, and 50 million year old leaves, petals, wood, and needles reveal their hidden burial places.

And it isn't just for kids!  Justin and I were just as excited about finding something as the children were!

Everyone was only allowed to bring home three fossils, so pockets were filled as we went.  At the end, each person decided on their three very favorite finds.


This guy was hilarious.  He was all about it, hammering on the rocks, sometimes looking for the "birds in there," sometimes hollering, "DIE, DIE!"  No idea about those comments, but I blame the big brother and the father.  I'm sure the girls in the family wouldn't teach him that kind of thing.

It is a fairly long drive (about three hours, one way) from our house, but the scenic drive was a big part of the field trip.  It was an absolutely beautiful drive.

We had to stop frequently to feed our new baby, so the trip took the whole day.  It was well spent!

If you have thought about taking this trip, do it.  It was a great way to kick off our summer of field trips!

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