Wednesday, May 25, 2016

There are Others

We have all been doing this for three weeks:

We are enamored with our baby girl.

But it should be noted that we also have other children.

The unbound joy of a three year old with a light saber.
Twelve and moving past the awkward into the confident.
Sweet big sister.

A recent Saturday for this girl consisted of watercolor painting and homemade play-dough.
At the oral surgeon's office, checking out a wisdom tooth extraction video.
This child, pushing in the carts at her new job.  I'm totally that mom.
Life is full.  I've been frank about my postpartum emotions.
Please know that I am okay.  Thank you for your concern.
I've also been frank about my all-the-time joys.
I am real, sitting here in my living room.  I hope you don't mind my sharing it all.

Settling in for a Sunday afternoon nap.

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