Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Mother's Prayer and the Protection of Angels

These Things I Know, President Boyd K. Packer, April 2013 General Conference
Isaac was supposed to arrive in New York City at around 10 PM.  He had to take public transit to a friend's place, where he would stay for the night before checking into the dorms the next day.  That meant he had to haul two suitcases around on the subway, then drag them along behind him the four or so blocks to the friend's apartment.  Four blocks doesn't sound like far, but in Manhattan, a lot goes on in four blocks.  We were nervous about the late arrival, but 10 o'clock isn't terribly late on a Saturday in the city.  The streets would be filled with ordinary people doing ordinary things.

Through a series of delayed planes and switched flights, Isaac didn't end up arriving until 2 AM.  Now we had gone from an uncomfortable situation to a genuinely treacherous one.  I was a wreck.  I don't know precisely how Isaac felt, but I know he was worried as well.  From the moment I knew he had arrived in town, I was praying.  It was late at night for me, too, and the worst-case scenario scenes began playing in my mind.  My fear and worries began crippling me.  Clutching the phone in my hand (waiting for updates), my prayer became fervent.

I was praying, not a general, Bless him, but a very specific request;
Heavenly Father, send angels to surround my son and have them very literally escort him to the safety of the friend's apartment.

The Ministry of Angels, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, October 2008 General Conference
He arrived safely and all was well.  I offered up a sincere prayer of gratitude, then shared my testimony with my son.  Isaac, in return, shared his testimony with me.  He had received a dog tag type necklace from a pioneer trek reenactment he had participated in just last week.  On the dog tag is printed the simple scripture,
Fear not, I am with thee.
"I am so glad I wore that necklace, Mom."

I testify with President Packer, that a mother's prayer holds a special weight with our Father.  I also testify with Elder Holland, that angels will come to our aid--they are actual beings, not mythical in any way, and they respond to the call to protect and guard.  Finally, I testify with Isaac, that we need not fear, for God is with us.


  1. I have that quote on my dresser. I love this experience. Thanks for sharing. ❤️