Sunday, June 26, 2016

Field Trip Summer: Alpaca Ranch

Last week's field trip was a trip to a local alpaca ranch.

Have you ever seen alpacas?  I'm sure I had at some point, but never really close up like this.  I have seen llamas many times (and don't care much for them), though the ranchers did have two llamas in the herd to protect the much smaller alpacas. If you look closely, you may notice some yuppy goats in there as well. (Unlike the redneck goats we had grazing down our weeds.)

They were actually kind of adorable little animals.  I was surprised by their small size and cute little faces.
I have a few alpaca converts in my family; the girls WANT some.

 Along with lots of educational information, the kids were able to feed the animals (through the fence so they weren't mobbed), then went inside the pasture to pet and play with them.  Yes, they were spit at!

In addition to the alpacas and llamas, the ranchers had miniature horses--declared by one daughter to be her new favorite animal. These beautiful animals are not ponies.  They are just like horses physically and in temperament, just on a micro scale.  They were originally bred to pull ore carts in mines! I had no idea.

The boy was interested in the animals, but much preferred running around the wide open spaces.

Every good ranch needs to have horses to love on as well.  Camilla especially loved feeding and petting the horses.  The farrier was there, so we got to watch that process, too. Super cool bonus for this field trip.

I had to snap a picture of our new one to show that she and I graced the alpacas with our presence, though we weren't in any other pictures.
Nice photo bomb, Camilla!  haha

 There you go, a day meeting alpacas.
And chasing a three year old.

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