Saturday, June 11, 2016

Respite from the World

The rapists, the conspirators, the thieves, the abusers, the cheaters, the killers, the greedy, and the just plain mean people of the world
dominate headlines.
Our world is in a state of crisis.
Satan certainly has gotten a tight grip on more than his share of mankind.
It is so disheartening, especially as I watch my children grow and face the blatant evil of the world that surrounds us.  
It is easy for me to become hopeless and to become filled with that blackening spirit of the evil one.
Despair isn't too strong of a word.

My husband said something on Sunday that struck the Truth Cord.
When we become immersed in genealogy, we get lost in it.
So much so, that we forget about the world.
That, as much as the desire to find our kindred dead, 
is the Spirit of Elijah!
*Malachi 4:6
Daguerreotype of the great-great grandfather after whom we named a son.

When I am lost in the puzzle of seeking out my ancestors, I am NOT lost in the pit of worldly doom.  
I feel compelled to continue searching, finding connections, documents, and trace bits of evidence of those who have gone before.  During that time of study, it is my whole focus.

A daughter is this grandmother's namesake.
I have a firm testimony of angelic assistance.  They are my grandparents!  I have but one grandmother still living and she loves me.  Why on earth would she stop loving me after she has gone to the other side?  It makes no sense.  Just as it makes no sense to think my other grandparents stopped loving me when they stepped beyond the threshold of physical death.

Another daughter bears the name of this great-great grandmother.
My parents give me good gifts, gifts to help me be happy, to have knowledge, to understand truth, and to bring protection.  Sometimes that might look like a bobcat in a mess of a yard and other times it may look like an intriguing philosophical conversation.

My grandparents cannot buy matching 4th of July outfits for the children or sit by my side and explain a difficult scriptural passage, but they can give gifts.

There is no denying the protection they have given our family--I think we've been allotted a disproportionate number of guardian angels!!  This I have known for years.
But I never really thought about the gift of escape that they offer;
escape from the worries of the world, not the cares of the world such as laundry and bills, but the deep-in-the-bones worry that plagues a mother's heart.  

This time, a daughter named after the great-grandfather!
While I am giving those on the other side the gifts I can (finding them, their children, cousins, aunts, and uncles), they are giving me gifts as well. 
My mind is directed toward eternity.

Just one more selfish reason to do my Family History Work.

A grandmother I never knew, but the stories reveal she is a strong person who will do what she can by her family.
She is watching out for us.

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