Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Exercise Experiment

The other day, one of my daughters was expressed frustration in exercise.  "I want to exercise, but I don't know what kind of exercise I like!"  Since I am now two months postpartum, it is time for me to start exercising again.  I know what kind of exercise I like, but in my continuing efforts to be an encouraging mother, I decided to make a goal with my daughter to help her find "her" kind of exercise.

We are trying out a different form of exercise every day for two weeks.

The first day was yoga.

Because it's my favorite.

And I knew I could do it.

My life is crazy enough as it is.  I like exercise that calms and soothes.  Yoga strengthens my parts that most need strengthening, without making me feel frantic.

Ahh, calm time.
But, the goal wasn't to exercise every day, the goal was to try new things.

Ug.  Why must these kids be always busting me out of my comfort zone?!

The second day, we decided to try out kickboxing.  I will sum up that experience by saying I'll likely never do it again.  My daughter called it "A tongue twister for my body."  It hurt.

I did not look like this when I was kickboxing.
After yesterday's kickboxing torture chamber, I requested that we go back to Sooth Me Land.  Today, we tried out Tai Chi.  You know, the beautiful synchronized martial arts dance done in serene locations around the globe . . . in flowing garments.

Oh, good.  I can do old people exercise!

Tai Chi is the gentle workout recommended to those who suffer from arthritis and digestive issues.  Also, senior citizens.  I'm not sure how many calories I burned, but it sure was lovely! I may incorporate this into my life.

We have many more days of this. I will continue to make my report. Stay tuned!

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