Friday, July 29, 2016

Time for a Hike

Dad had a half-day for work, which meant he was home by noon.  We figured it was about huckleberry time in the mountains, so we threw some picnic foods into backpacks and took off.

We could not have asked for more perfect weather.  It was warm, but not deathly hot.
I get really grumpy when I'm too hot.

This particular hike is perfect for a day trip with younger kids.
It is about a 4 mile round-trip, has a well-defined trail, and has every feature you could want:

big fallen logs for balancing acts,

mountain streams and gurgling brooks,

breathtaking vistas,

green forests,


and a sparkling lake to greet you!

The water is so clear, and after the sweaty hike, everyone was ready to jump in.

Take care, though, we had two pretty bad cuts on those rocks!  One sliced open her heel, another gashed her toe.  Nothing like some mountain first aid when we inadvertently left the first aid kit in the car!

Dad was the bravest of all.  He went in all the way, even dunked his head in the alpine lake, to the delight of his children.

We ate our picnic dinners and played in the lake and on the glacial rocks until it was time to head back down the mountain.

I carried the baby on the way up. (Dad carried her down.) When we stopped to pick huckleberries, I sat and filled her belly.

There is a waterfall behind me, but the position of the sun and my awesome camera made it impossible to capture.

Justin takes his berry picking very seriously.  He wanted to fill his quart-sized container with the tiny berries and that meant everyone had to pitch in.  

As soon as the baby was done eating, however, she had to empty things out on the other end.
Needless to say, I did not put any berries into the container.

While Justin was cracking the whip to get everyone to work, I sat tending to the baby, eating as many as I could pick.
This was partly because I couldn't hold the baby and a bag and pick and partly because they are irresistibly delicious,
but I mostly did it to taunt my husband.
I'm so wicked.

They did it! They made their quota.  Now we will have huckleberry ice cream, milkshakes and pancakes,

The little guy had an accident, so he was hiking down the mountain in his tighty-whities.  At one point, he ran to catch up to Dad.  You guessed it, he tripped, skinned his knee and gave himself a pretty good road rash on his hiney.

I picked him up and continued hiking.
Out of nowhere, I felt a terrible pain in my foot.
A wasp had stung me under the strap on my sandal! Twice!
Our injury list was at capacity.

This was hard for me, but at the same time, it felt SO good to use my muscles again.

We made it down alive, performed some more first aid in the car and settled in for the ride home.

Even with the injuries, it was a great day.
It was an everyone-was-happy day.
I love those.

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