Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Crazy Child

This little boy is three and for the last 6 weeks or so, he has been in destruction mode.
Every chance he gets, he takes apart, breaks, disassembles, dumps out, cuts up, gets sticky, or otherwise destroys everything in his path.  I can be patient a lot, but things were getting out of hand.

Knowing he has all of that three-year-old energy stored up and ready to whir, I implemented a new policy:
We need to get his energy out the same way we handled the puppy's energy.
Everyone is now taking turns taking our tornado outside to play.
It can't include sitting on the porch, watching him play.
No, it needs to be actively running, chasing, catching the ball
just like we did with the puppy.

So far, this new plan is going rather well.  With four older sisters, if everyone takes 30 minutes to actively play with the child, that is two full hours of physical exertion.

Camilla, 12, loves to take photographs.  Every picture in this post was taken by her.
Part of her play time with the brother includes a photo shoot.
He loves it.

After they have had him running, climbing, and jumping for their allotted 30 minutes,
they can bring him inside and wind him down with a book or a cuddle or PBS Kids. 

When we went huckleberry picking the other day, he kept saying he was just like Little Sal.

He is allowed to remain inside until he starts getting wound up again,
at which point, it is time for the next sister to take a turn with the cyclone. 

"My name is Kayto," spoken a robot voice.

It has made a tremendous difference!  He is learning to expend energy in a positive way.
 And my house is breathing a sigh of relief.

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