Saturday, August 6, 2016

Field Trip Summer Bonus: Cataldo Mission

On a hilltop above the interstate, stands this beautiful old mission.  So old, in fact, it happens to be the oldest standing building in the state (1840's-1850's).

Since it was on our way home and we hadn't visited for a few years, we decided to throw in a bonus to our field trip and make a stop.
The girls were obviously thrilled!

It is a neat building, especially when you learn the history surrounding it.  I love the giant plank floors, straw and plaster walls, and purple paint made from crushed huckleberries.  You have to respect the dedication and courage of those early missionaries to the local natives.  Whether they always did right is another matter, but they were doing their utmost to live their religion and to teach it to others.

Next door to the mission is a much newer building (1880's) that housed the priests.
Having just learned all about the rough lives of the miners and loggers in the area (lots of brothels, gambling halls, and saloons), it was obvious that a little preachin' was needed in those parts!  I'm sure they kept busy.

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  1. I laughed out loud over the 4 sisters and the Mission sign. Such personality on display!