Monday, August 1, 2016

Learning More About Pigs

The fair is in three weeks.
We are doing stuff with the pigs to get ready.
We still don't know what we're doing, but we are learning.

The girls each needed an 8 x 10 of them with their pig for the fair.
Before taking the picture, we had to wash them.
None of us had ever washed a pig before.
Then, we had to get the pigs to hold still for long enough to snap a picture.
If the girls look a little frenetic, it's because they were.
"Hurry, Mom!  Get it!  Did you get it?  Was it good enough?"
Repeat several times.  Whew.

The pigs are super small and will never make weight, but once again, we are learning.  We are learning what doesn't work so that next year we will know what does work!  
The child with the temper is learning how to control it--you can't walk away from an animal when you get discouraged, you have to keep your cool and figure it out.  

The child who doesn't try, has to try--a living being is depending upon you, so no matter how much you'd rather lay on the hammock and daydream, you must get up and tend to the animal.  

We are achieving our goals, even if there doesn't end up being much money in the deal!

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  1. How much do the pigs need to weigh in order to make weight? What happens if the pigs are too small?