Saturday, August 13, 2016

Our First Broken Tooth

We do get regular injuries around here, but so far they have been treated by either home first aid or, at the most, stitches.  Last week, our eight year old was buckling her overalls while walking and she tripped on the asphalt.  Because her hands were occupied, she caught the entire fall with her nose, lips and, unfortunately, front tooth.

It was just as sad as this picture illustrates.  She was hurting terribly, but was also devastated by the broken tooth.  Of all of my children, she is the most careful about her teeth.  


I could hardly wait to get her tooth fixed because she wouldn't smile.  My happy, always smiling girl wouldn't smile and it broke my heart!  Luckily, the dentist was able to squeeze her in and she got it fixed.  What a blessing that it was fixable! In addition, it hadn't reached her nerve, barely, which saved her a lot of pain and us a lot of money.  Counting our blessings with this one.

We've had a rough summer for accidents. We for sure have reached our injury quota for the summer!
I may be becoming an advocate for screen time all day, every day.
No bike riding, swimming, hiking, playing, running, jumping or climbing.
Just sit on this fluffy couch and DON'T MOVE, at least until we can catch up on the medical and dental bills.

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  1. We had a tooth accident with a scooter and lots of blood last fall with our 8 year-old. It was knocked loose and was fixable too. Glad your daughter's ok! Those moments are scary.