Monday, September 19, 2016

A Bunch of Nothing

I bought these today at Costco.
There is no way I'm going one more spring without my beloved tulips!
I will skimp on my food budget this month, but I will buy bags and bags of bulbs.

Autumn is off to a glorious start for us this year.
My Camilla girl is always quick to capture anything amazing.

 This child. She is a chubby, happy four month old.  I cry every few days as I take clothes she is quickly outgrowing and putting them in the box to donate, rather than the box to put away for the next baby.

  She rolls and pivots on her belly to get where she wants to be.  The race is on. Oh, yes, and the drool.  The drool is also on.

After too long a silence, I went in search for this little guy.  
I found him, in MY bed, laying on a bed full of sprinkles. 

Also, a sister decided this was the best way to babysit recently.

The flies have been atrocious this year.  I can't get my kids to close the doors (we're going to have to get screen doors next year).  I finally reverted to this nasty solution and it is working--rather miraculously.

Finally, our trip is close enough that we have a paper chain.
A paper chain!


  1. Haha! I love the taped down baby perfectly happy with her siblings shenanigans!

  2. I love all your nothings- so many I can relate to. Also- I'm excited to hear about your trip!!!

  3. Yes, me too! Hope all is well with "back to school."