Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Good Doctor

Today was my baby's first doctor's appointment.  The first couple of visits one would normally make were done with the midwife, so this was her first time to meet our family doctor.  Also, she is four months old and it was time to get started on those immunizations.

When the eight year old gets the baby dressed.  As fancy as possible.
He has been watching out for our family for several years now and I really like him.  He works quickly, but I never feel like he's trying to rush us out.  Isaac has had to go in several times for very specific ballet physicals and trips to far away lands.  Our doctor is always excited to help and cheers Isaac on in his unusual teen life.
Like I said, it was time to start shots.  He asked if we were ready to do that today.  I told him that I was feeling a weird trepidation about the shots for some reason. I want my baby protected, but I am also concerned about the high number of vaccinations recommended for her tiny body.  Instead of instantly judging or demanding, he heard me out, understood as I vocally grappled with the quandary of whether it was mother's intuition to hold off a bit on this baby or whether it was the louder and louder anit-vax noise from the world.  In the end, we decided to do the most essential vaccinations and will stretch out our schedule so her little body doesn't have to battle it all at once.

It is so nice to have a doctor that listens and trusts me.  He sees everyone in the family and has a pretty good sense of what is happening in our home.  He is nothing but encouraging and supportive.  And frankly, after last week, it is refreshing to have a professional with an outsider's view believe in me.

Thanks, Doc.

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  1. It's so wonderful to find care provider's that you feel safe with. What a blessing!