Thursday, September 1, 2016

Noticing the Right

After our disastrous week at the fair, culminating a mistake-ridden summer of raising pigs, I came across a parable that caught my eye.  It goes something like this:

On the first day of school, a teacher went up to the board and wrote out
1 X 9 = 7
2 X 9 = 18
3 X 9 = 27
4 X 9 = 36
and so on through 12 X 9.  
After she had completed the list, she turned to find the students all snickering, some full out laughing at her.  She asked why they were laughing.  They pointed out her mistake.
"Even though I got eleven of the equations correct, you chose to only notice the one I got wrong."
Then came the lesson.
"The world will often completely miss all of the things you do right, to focus on the one thing you did wrong.  They may laugh and jeer, mock and ridicule because of your one mistake.  Don't let their response to your mistake overpower all of your success."

That is precisely what I let happen last week.  There were so many sweet people making comments about my beautiful family, darling baby, funny little boy, but I abandoned those kind words and instead let the one bitter person making the one cruel comment undermine my happiness.  

On the flip side, what do I notice?  What attributes do I draw out in a person?  Do I encourage and praise success or do I only see what could have been done better?  

So today, I am making sure that people around me know that I notice their "eleven things," that I am thankful for their good and their right.  

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  1. I saw this parable and loved it, but totally missed your last point. I need to be noticing the good and the right too. Thanks, Emily, I needed that!