Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Day We Accepted Our Total Failure

Sunday morning, we got up early to take care of our pig duties, packed up some of the our campsite and hustled off to church.  As soon as church was over, we dropped off half of the family and hustled right back to the fair.  I left the three and eight year old at home because, since I had to be there anyway, I wanted to take one afternoon to do and see what I wanted to do and see at the fair, doggone it!  I was determined to get that caramel apple (didn't happen) and not stand in line for a single balloon animal.  Just as I was pulling out of the driveway, I got a call telling me that the buyer for the bigger pig backed out.  Having lost a whole week of selling time, we had just a few hours to now sell BOTH pigs.  We did get one offer, but it was basically at cost.  I just couldn't do that to the girls.  They worked so hard all summer, it didn't seem fair that they would only earn about $50 each.

We tried and tried and tried to sell those pigs.  The girls stood in their pen for hours, talking to everyone and trying to get a lead.  I posted on Craigslist and Facebook, made calls and sent emails and texts.  No one wanted to buy a freezer full of pork.

Utterly exhausted and defeated, embarrassed and stuck with pigs we had to now had to figure out how to get home, I was a disaster.  The girls felt cheated as they watched their friends celebrate their giant checks, rewarding all of their hard work.

Justin worked the phones and finally found a friend with a horse trailer that could help us get the pigs home.

And now they are here. Still.  Not one single call on the Craigslist ad, not a response on Facebook.  At this point, we will probably feed them until we are out of food, then butcher them for our own freezer.  Not a total loss, but a total failure.

I promptly made this chocolate zucchini cake and took a picture to prove to myself that I do have some skills!

Next year.

Next year has to be better.

There is no way it could be worse . . .


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  1. That cake looks awesome, and delicious! And as I read this I kept thinking, there is reason for this, it may seem like a failure right now, but God has a plan to turn it into a great victory or a much needed blessing. It will come! I hope you blog about it when it happens!