Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Sunday in Fayette

Early Sunday morning, we dressed, ate, packed (making sure to leave a wallet under the couch--oops!) and headed to church.  We were able to time things so we were in Fayette for church that day.  The ward was welcoming and kind.  They asked for us to remember them if we ever decided to relocate.
We will.

Fayette is a symbolic place to be going to church because it was here where the Church of Jesus Christ was first organized in modern times.

It was here, in this little log cabin (or the one that stood on the same foundation nearly 200 years ago), that six men signed their names as original members of the church.  We are now at over 15 million members.

 The well-tended cabin of Peter and Mary Whitmer sits on land adjacent to the church building.

Walking a restless baby during Sunday School time.
 Although only 6 were listed as members, per legal requirement, there were about 60 in attendance that day.  The cabin is small, but I would have crowded in so as to be a part of that groundbreaking day myself! 
Does this fireplace look familiar?  I used this fireplace as somewhat of a template for the one I built in my living room.
In addition to the formal organization of the church, many important things took place in this home.  It was here where much of the Book of Mormon was translated, Mary Whitmer was a witness to the reality of the Gold Plates, many sections that are now canonized in the Doctrine and Covenants were revealed, and the first missionaries of the Last Dispensation were sent out to do their great work.
Again, my thoughts and heart went out to the mother who cooked and cleaned for so many people so that the work could go forward.  We are indebted to those mothers!
The translation room.
As we were leaving, I wanted to get a picture of my family at this historic place.
The missionary happily agreed to take it, explaining with a twinkle in her eye that picture taking is part of the missionary's duties. I didn't feel weird about asking for pictures any more after that.

Now, to enjoy those colors in famous Upstate New York,
some outside time, and some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

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