Sunday, November 6, 2016

Allegheny State Park

We pulled into the Allegheny State Park Red House and I told the lady at the information desk that we only had a few hours.  What did she suggest we see?

"This is my slug Debbie. He's disgusting. He needs a bath."

First stop, Science Lake.

Seriously, you guys.  This is absolutely real life right here.

A beaver!

Next stop: Thunder Rocks

We could have spent all day here.

Last stop:  Stone Tower

Almost there . . .

Hmm, no pictures of the actual tower, but here we are on the top.
Giant panoramic view.

Another memorable day in the great outdoors.  The beauty of this area is so different from my homeland's beauty.  The colors were really quite surprising sometimes.

This night we stayed in an adorable cabin.  If we lived in this area, I would have booked this cabin for a week!  Highly recommended.

Edinboro Lake Resort Cabins

 Ah.  Fully refreshed and ready for more learning!