Thursday, November 3, 2016

Another Day, Another Country

Most of our children have never been outside of the USA.  Even though we live less than 100 miles south of the Canadian border, after 9/11, it became more tricky to cross the border.  In other words, we had to spend a lot of dough to get documentation for everyone.  Luckily, Dad and Mom (and children over the age of 16, turns out--not on the website, I might add) are the only ones who needed passports.  Isaac has one, so I tossed it in, just in case.  Everyone else just needed birth certificates.We bought all of those in stages because it adds up!

Anyway, we went to Canada!

We took Bluewater Ferry for a small $7 fee over the river and, voila, another country.

It took forever to prop up Isaac's phone on an old chain link fence so we could get this picture.
Happy memory.

We drove through Ontario back country all day.  It was beautiful and peaceful. Everyone was happy and enjoying the drive until the evening. In the evening, there was some serious car horror--nothing wrong with the car, just getting used to having 9 people in a small space all day long.  Traveling with young children who just want out of their car seats isn't always fine and dandy, in all honesty.  Following unfamiliar directions in an unfamiliar place can be stressful and with the added crying, oh, boy.  It was rough pulling into Niagara Falls.

But, we made it.  Deep breath. We made it.

The falls were beautiful, but the city has become an eyesore.  It is another Vegas and the falls seemed like a second thought.  Sad.  We are spoiled out in the west with our state and federal parks that are protected from this kind of commercial pollution.  We are obviously the weird ones, though, because the place was packed.

The balm at the end of the day was our house.  It was aptly named Bohemian Rhapsody and it was a creative, quirky place.

 There were board games and a record player to entertain us.
A good dinner goes a long way to help everyone feel happy.

I know, let's get up early tomorrow and see the falls while the city sleeps!  Perfect plan.

We got there just as the sun was coming up.  After a good night's sleep, delicious and healthy meals and no crowds or traffic, everyone was in a good mood.  
We were ready for a wonderful day.
Niagara Falls at Sunrise

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