Thursday, November 10, 2016

Driving, Driving, Driving

All in all, we drove nearly 3,000 miles.  I tried to even out the driving, but there were two particularly long drive days.  The trip from Cleveland to Springfield, Illinois was nearly 500 miles . . . that we took on after the long morning at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  We didn't pull into our cabin until really late that night.  Everyone mostly slept, but we did have some noteworthy moments.  This post also includes random roadside attractions that we hit along the way.

A quick, but worthwhile stop at the John Johnson farm.
The room where Joseph and Emma slept with their sick twins the night Joseph was pulled from his bed and tared and feather by the mob.  One of the babies later died as a result of exposure during the melee.

Totally posed (I'm sure you can't tell) picture in the gorgeous leaves.
I kept TRYING to capture the colors.  It was always fruitless, but at least it will spur a memory.
Meal stop at McDonald's.
Provided for the family by Lucy!  Thank you, sweet girl!
There was a lot of this.  At least with a little boy we can pull off just about anywhere,
instead of having to constantly find a toilet!

Also, what a good big brother, amiright?

A teaching moment at Zelph's mound.  It is only a few miles off the road and was a worthwhile stop.  If you do make this trek, I'd suggest learning a bit about Zelph and how his remains were discovered, then make the visit.  I think it is terribly fascinating.

Hannibal, Missouri, home of Samuel Clemens.  I wanted to take the time to tour some of the places here, including the caves, but we decided to forego in order to spend more time in Nauvoo.  However, we did climb the 1 billion steps to the memorial light house.  If we didn't have to buy so many tickets, I would have liked to have taken a spin on a riverboat. Next time.
Sweet baby.  She traveled so well,
for the most part, though it was a team effort to keep her entertained sometimes!
We got to be pros at packing the van!
Tomorrow we will see Lincoln's Springfield!

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