Monday, November 21, 2016

Independence Missouri and Liberty Jail

We started our time in Independence Missouri at the LDS visitor's center.  The missionaries there gave a nice tour, explaining much of the history of the area, especially of the church in Missouri.  They also told of some of the prophesies about what is to come for the area.  The church's visitor's centers are first class.  They are nice facilities and the displays, films, tours and presentations are excellent.

Circular doors are always so much fun!

After that, we crossed the street to the Community of Christ Temple.  They had a video that explained some of how their church was founded and how they were able to come back to Missouri after splintering off from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It was interesting.
We wandered around the temple, following the information in the self-guided tour pamphlet.  They had a small conference room with a beautiful grand piano.  No one was there on that random Tuesday morning, so Eliza sat down and played The Spirit of God. I am thankful for music.

By this time, everyone was ready for lunch, and it was Eliza's treat!
That, obviously, meant Taco Bell!

Following lunch and a little ruckus running around, getting our wiggles out, we went to the next visitor's center: Liberty Jail.

Years ago, the church took apart the Liberty Jail, labeled stone by labeled stone, and put it back together in this place.  I won't try to explain the whole story here, but it is one you should study.
It is a humbling story and seeing the actual place, witnessing first hand the size of the space, and learning the dismal conditions of the cell only compound the gratitude one has for the sacrifice of those imprisoned here. 
 Every generation certainly has its challenges, but, my goodness, these early saints were buffeted.

And, one more reminder that we were traveling with all ages here.
Things that are life-changing to some of us was merely cool because of the open stairs for others.

On the way to our next destination, we drove by the Kansas City Temple.
A temple.
In the town that drove the people out at gun point.
Have miracles ceased?
I say unto you, nay!

Sell the farm and take your family to these places.
Just do it.
The Lord will help you find a way.

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