Friday, November 25, 2016

The Museum of Science and Industry

One of my proudest moments came the morning of our second to last day.  Everyone suggested I just pay the $25 parking fee because parking is notoriously bad and expensive in Chicago.  I was driving a monstrous vehicle, not a zippy compact around downtown, yet I found a FREE and CLOSE parking spot.  It was a bit tricky getting the long, wide van into the available spot, but I DID IT!  As we were walking away, headed toward the museum, I made everyone stop, turn around and appreciate for a moment the feat their mother had just accomplished.  The family sang my praises tolerably well and I bounced my way into the day.

Running through the expanse of green grass, racing to be the first to the doors.

When I was researching the trip, I knew our last day would be in Chicago.  I also knew a few other things:  we would be full to the brim with spiritual feasting, my husband (and a some of the children) DOES NOT like crowds, and we were in a big city with lots of not to miss opportunities.
The place I kept going back to time and again was this highly recommended place called 
The Museum of Science and Industry.
Okay.  Let's give it a try!

Oh, my goodness.  What a fantastic day!  
We could have spent three days there, it was so jam-packed with amazing things!

It was all hands on and very interactive.  We had so much fun!

Definitely jump through the hoops for the home school tickets--especially because the cafeteria style lunch was outrageously expensive.  I thought we couldn't bring food in, but there were families eating sack lunches.  Dang.
But that was the ONLY downside to the day.
It was an absolute ball!

There was one section that was full of water games.  I think it was intended for the younger set--and our guy certainly did enjoy it--but the whole family had so much fun playing!

There were historical exhibits like this one about the circus.  Again, so fun.

There was a massive model train of the track from Seattle to Chicago, complete with major landmarks as well as small city scenes and topography along the way.  There were some old train cars to play in.

And another area with more historically important stores, like this original Walgreen's.

The farming area, which I thought my country kids would gloss over, was enjoyed as well!

These pictures only represent a smidgen of the awesome activities at this museum.  It was a perfect change of pace from the other stops on our journey.  If we ever go back to Chicago, I'm going back here!

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