Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Nauvoo Temple

The last time I was in Nauvoo, the temple that those early saints had worked so hard to build had been destroyed completely.  The only thing left on the temple site were the four exposed cornerstones and a sunstone behind protective glass.  
Now, it is rebuilt.  
It was built on the same footings, with the same dimensions.
It amazes me.

I worked for a long time to have family names to take with us when we went to the Nauvoo Temple. Because we have young children, we had to go a couple of different times.
Justin took Isaac, Eliza and Camilla in the evening to perform baptisms.

Then he and I went early the next morning to participate in sealings (since they only take an hour and I could leave my nursing baby that long).

The Nauvoo Temple was one of the highlights for me.  Here, in front of the temple, is a statue of Joseph and Hyrum on their way to Carthage where they would seal their testimonies with their blood.  As they left, they left an unfinished temple.  Joseph was a seer.  He knew what the church would become, but he was also probably keenly aware of the difficulties that would yet come to the saints.
Here we were, almost 200 years later, performing temple work in the fully functional temple they had to leave--that they all had to leave.  I know that Joseph is, what?  Happy seems too small a word.  Overjoyed to see that all was not in vein.  The stone cut out of the mountain continues its journey.  The Word is filling the earth!

One of the things that Justin pointed out was the the temple was built on the high point.  It didn't matter where we were in the old town of Nauvoo, you could see the temple sitting up there.  Look to the temple!

 It was a symbol of their faith and it is a symbol of mine. 

When you go to Nauvoo, carve out time to enter the house of the Lord.

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