Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

For a total 180,
we were in Cleveland, so . . . 

Oh, my gosh.  I just about forgot the best part of this day!
It happened before we even got to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
It was on the way.

As we were getting close, I turned on the radio.  I said out loud something about how we needed some rock and roll to get us in the mood.  I flicked around the unfamiliar stations hoping to find rock.
In my head, I wished for Thunderstruck by ACDC.  Guess what came on the radio: Thunderstruck!
We're all dancing in our seat belts, thrashing heads to the beat, drumming on head rests, playing air guitar, etc.  Then, an outsider's view suddenly flashed into my mind.

I'm driving a very long white Ford Transit.  It wasn't even a cool color, just white.
There are seven children in the car; all mine.
I'm wearing a cardigan and tights, for crying out loud.
And I'm rocking out to ACDC.
I laughed to myself until tears squeezed out of the corners of my eyes.
It was just too perfect!
I am not cool.  I do not push against "the man" as Mr. Schneebly would say. I am not edgy.
In short, I am not rock and roll!
What a juxtaposition and yet, I knew 90% of the musicians in the museum.
What does it all mean, man?

This is my favorite picture of the family from our trip.  Individual personalities are clearly on display!

This was a fun morning.  
I can see why the museum is controversial.  Beyonce? Rihanna?  These kinds of artists have not proved themselves over the course of time, not to mention their music hardly resembles Rock & Roll.  And yet we couldn't find one piece of Queen memorabilia.  Hmm.  
What they did have was fun--and there was something for everyone.

Metallica for Isaac
Taylor Swift for Camilla. (Again, Rock & Roll? I think not.)
She is a funny 8 year old.  She is obsessed with the Beach Boys and thinks the guy on the $10 bill is hot.
At least she knows her own mind!
Fall Out Boy for Eliza--she would've preferred Queen, but it wasn't to be.  :(
The Beatles for . . . Everyone
One of the special features of the day:
Michael Jackson's glove.
The Glove
Michael Jackson's shoes, glasses, and Grammy.  I LOVED the Michael Jackson display.
Such a huge part of my growing up years.
They were missing some key players, but it was fun to see items belonging to so many musicians who have influenced my Life Soundtrack. There were all kinds of quirky items such as the bag of hotel keys collected by one of the Eagles, chunks of the wreckage from Otis Redding's airplane, costumes from David Bowie, Madonna, Elvis and many more, Janis Joplin's glasses, etc.  There were interactive displays with famous bands describing their musical inspirations, a great montage of clips from Dick Clark, and an exhaustive history of rock both musically and socially.  The one thing we all commented on was how small everyone was.  Celebrities have this larger than life image; we see them on the big screen and on stages built higher than the crowd below and get the idea that they are big people.  They aren't!  For some reason, it surprised all of us.

When we got home, guess what our local radio station is giving away this month.  Yep! A trip to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!  We win.

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