Sunday, November 6, 2016

Watkins Glen State Park

Knowing we would be visiting New York in the fall, I made sure to build in plenty of time to see this part of the world in its moment of glory.  We took the day to drive around the Finger Lakes region a bit, ending up at the Watkins Glen State Park.
There aren't many words.
I'll just say that our phone cameras only capture the moment to remember, not so much the magnificence of the scenery or the uncapturable colors of the season.

Happy kids, out of the car.

Happy mama because happy kids.


I kept making the kids do senior picture poses.
They tolerate me.


I would suggest you make room in your schedule for this place.  We happened to catch it during resplendent autumn, but I can't imagine it being anything but essential in the summer months, too.

 These two fell in love in the fall 19 years ago.

We stayed the night in Ithaca and continually wondered who we could convince to come to this place next October.  I had warned Justin before we even left on the trip.  I told him that, as much as we love Idaho, Upstate New York would give North Idaho a run for its money.
It takes your breath away.
You have no idea how many pictures like this I tried to take.
NONE of them do any kind of justice to the scene before our eyes.

He needed a little snuggle before we got back underway.
More of the beauty of the earth tomorrow!

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