Monday, January 2, 2017

A New Year

My beautiful baby, whose picture has nothing to do with my post.

I like resolutions, but not just resolutions, I like goals.  I respond to goals.  So, this year, I made a bunch of New Year's resolutions and downloaded an app with a bunch of ❤charts❤ to encourage me in keeping those resolutions.  (I thrill at charts that show progress!) And I'm off!

  • More reading (scriptures, books, aloud to my babies)
  • Less social media (only on my computer, not my phone)
  • More dating my husband (and not just running an errand together)
  • Pay cash 
  • Write more
  • Claim back my Project Mom title (stuff to build, things to create)
  • Have a stellar second (and final) 4H year with the pigs

Too much?  Probably.  But if one has high expectations, one will reach!

Happy 2017, friends! Let's get a move on!

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