Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Glorious Snow

We are having the most beautiful winter.

I know not everyone loves the snow, and maybe I love it more than others because I'm not required to drive in it constantly, but the beauty of a winter wonderland is captivating to me.

This was my view from the couch one day just before Christmas.

Though we have had two weeks of seriously cold temperatures, the rest of the time has been perfect for playing outside.  The kids usually want to go out to play, but if they don't volunteer, I kick them out for a while each day anyway!

I love to hear the stories of their imaginative play in the snow.  

One kind of worrisome thing is our monster icicles.  They are 8-10 feet long in some cases.  Either the roofer or the insulators didn't do their job correctly and our contractor (who was never here) didn't pick up on the mistake.  We'll have to do some mitigating when we thaw out.

You can see that our accumulation is now higher than the steps on the kitchen porch!  So awesome!

I bought six canisters of family size Hot Cocoa mix when it went on sale last week.
It won't be enough for the season.

I feel bad for my friends who are in Hawaii this week.  They are missing out on our perfect winter weather!
Of course, at this rate, it will be here waiting for them when they get back.


  1. It looks so fun! We miss playing in the snow.

  2. I love the snow too!! Your last comment made me smile!