Thursday, November 24, 2016

Riverside Iowa

I mean, we HAD to.

The directions to the monument were "Behind the beauty salon."

When were we ever going to be anywhere near this place again?!

It is a cute little town with a quirky and fun museum dedicated to Captain Kirk, who will be born here in just over two hundred years.

I told Dad that he needed to give a report (remember how everyone had to give reports?), but that his topic must remain on the down-low until we arrived.  He was giddy when I told him that Riverside wasn't terribly out of the way and that I thought we ought to go.

The kids were delighted and we all enjoyed the sleepy little town.

On the bridge. This is a serious job.
The town totally embraces this fame, celebrating Captain Kirk Days like another town might celebrate Pioneer Days or the Tulip Festival. I love it so much!

Seeking out strange new worlds.
"Did you use the restroom, yet?" asked the sweet old lady at the desk.  
When I responded negatively, she got a twinkle in her eye and said, "Make sure you do before you go!"

The view from the toilet.  I'm totally serious.
 They had a nice park across the street from the museum, so we played and got in a good leg stretching before piling back into the car to continue our long drive back to Chicago.
What a fun rest stop!
Thank you, Riverside!

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