Friday, April 28, 2017

Timely Rewards

Two things happened this week that I have to put down in writing.  As my children grow older, this great parenting experiment is beginning to show its fruits.  And, the thing is, as you're raising the children, you don't really know if your ideas will pan out!  You can only hope you're fighting the most important battles and the little things you decide to let slip are, in actuality, the "little" things.  I got some evidence this week that we are doing alright.
Waiting for her prom date.
The first came from our oldest girl, Eliza.  She turned 16 just last month and has been wanting to enroll at the community college in the fall.  For home schooled students, this can be an excellent college entry point, since traditional transcripts aren't always applicable.  She had to take a placement exam.  This wasn't unexpected, yet I hadn't done much to prepare her for the test.  (Other than spelling bees in the car and random general knowledge verbal quizzes, I'm not big on testing.)  She placed in the college level English course; it was the same course I tested into when I was over two years older than she is now!  Boy, oh, boy am I proud of her!

Messing around for the camera.

 The second reward came from our adult son, Isaac.  He is traveling all around as a freelance ballet dancer.  He gets to meet all kinds of people and is frequently invited into the homes of either the artistic directors or the students of the different ballet schools.  Recently, at the dinner table in one such home, someone asked Isaac to tell about his friends, specifically asking, "Who is your best friend?"  Isaac's response was, "Well, truthfully, my best friend is my mom . . . or my dad . . . or one of my sisters . . . or my younger brother."  He realized that his family really are his favorite people and best friends.

And so, as I continue to struggle through each day, striving to teach these precious souls, I'm beginning to get a glimpse into what is on the other side.

It is valuable,

It is worth dedicating my life to this cause.