Monday, August 28, 2017

Kids are Funny

As we were driving,

Child #1:  First Presbyterian Church? How do they know they were first?!

Child #2:  I know!  I see those all over the place.  They can't all be first.  Wait, is that some kind of a chain? No, that's not the right word. Franchise.  It must be a church franchise.

Done with Phase One

We had a missionary open house last night for our son, Isaac.  He will be leaving on his mission to Scottsdale, Arizona in two days.  I kept the party pretty low-key, since we had been at the fair all week and I knew I wouldn't be able to do much to prepare.  A couple of weeks ago, I sat at my computer and found random facts and trivia about missionaries and the parts of Arizona and New Mexico where he would be serving.  I printed those off and tacked them to the walls.  Then, I went through pictures and printed off every picture I could find of Isaac in church clothes or doing churchy things (home teaching, Scouts, family visits to temples, etc.)

After everyone had gone, I wandered around my living room and looked at the pictures taped randomly to the walls. Without realizing it, I had inadvertently displayed a record of Isaac's religious education.  There weren't pictures of him reading the scriptures with the family or kneeling quietly in prayer or the many, many conversations we had over the years, answering questions or musing over doctrine.  But, there, in my view, was evidence of a childhood steeped with gospel teaching and participation.

In another, unrelated incident last night, I was reminded once again that I am frustratingly imperfect; that I am ignorant of many things and continually make mistakes because of that ignorance.  Satan introduced that element on the heels of something so wonderful because he wanted to spoil the beautiful evening we had had.  Though I have a long way to go and so, so many things to learn, that doesn't mean that I haven't given my all.  From the time that child was in the womb, he was going to the temple.  When he was mere days old, the hands of worthy Priesthood bearers held him and blessed him.  From the time he began attending church, his mother whispered words of doctrine in his ear.  Every trip we took, we went out of our way to find the temple--even if we didn't have the time or resources to go inside, we went to the temple to make sure that the children knew it was important enough to go out of our way just to see it.  We made sure he had regular Personal Priesthood Interviews with his father, went home teaching, and served others on his own, with his family, with his quorum, and with his ward and stake.  Church was always a regular thing and General Conference was an anticipated event, not a day to take off.  He was surrounded by good music, good books and uplifting images.  He has been given every opportunity for learning and growth we could provide.

Did we make mistakes?  Absolutely.  Did we miss opportunities?  Without a doubt.  Hath she done what she could (Mark 14:8)?  Yes. And our loving Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ filled in those blank places.

The other six will get the same.  I will stumble and I will fall, but I will also be running all out and giving it my very best effort. They are worth the struggle.